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According to the 2000 US Census there are over 45 million, non-institutionalized children between the ages of five and 15 with special needs of one type or another. This is 19.3% of the population, or nearly one in five children. Some are isolated and wholly dependent while others lead independent, productive lives.

Grandparents are important and have much to offer, however, there is little, if anything, written about their involvement with children with special needs. Today, there is even a grandmother in the White House who will play an important role in the lives of her grandchildren. Aimee has changed my life in many ways and I have immersed myself in learning everything I could about cerebral palsy. As a result, I am viewed as a lay expert on the subject.

"For The Love Of Aimee: A Memoir"

Why I Wrote The Book - A Personal Message From Julie

Aimee's incredible character in the face of her disability is my inspiration for writing this book. Aimee's story is unique and special because despite overwhelming odds at birth to live with half a brain, she has miraculously overcome these odds. I believe that our story has merit and is one that needs to be told.

I have written "For the Love of Aimee" because I want to make a contribution to society by raising awareness about children with special needs. The world is what we make of it and I feel I have an unspoken responsibility to educate and inspire others by my example.

"For the Love of Aimee" promises to entertain the reader with Aimee's humor and ability to deeply affect others with her infectious smile and determination to succeed. I want to tell her story, our story, to ignite passion in the hearts of parents and family who feel helpless in the face of despair. By taking them on our journey, I will demonstrate that although life can cast a dark shadow on the happiest of moments, love and support can conquer all. The journey has not been easy, but my story will encourage others to reap the rewards of gratification by selflessly becoming involved and that, with hope, anything is possible.

There are currently over 45 million children with special needs in the United States. "For the Love of Aimee" will fill a void for the lack of information on this subject. It will provide a means for parents and family to understand they are not alone when confronted with the birth of a disabled child. By embracing the situation, as I have demonstrated in the book, there will be unexpected rewards in the end.

While taking Aimee for therapy in Southern California, I survived a massive heart attack and heart surgery. This life-changing experience provided me with the focus and motivation to finish this book.

In these difficult economic times, "For the Love of Aimee" will inspire all and leave the reader with hope that anything is possible.

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A Memoir"


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